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SEVEN is an interactive, live Pole Dance Experience based in Los Angeles, CA. Each show straddles the line between shock and seduction through dance, sensual theatrics and comedic antics. Guests don venetian-style masks as the theater transforms into a mysterious masquerade blurring the line between performer and performance.  


SEVEN premiered at Supper Club Los Angeles in 2013. Created four short years after Girl Next Door: A Pole Dance Soirée, Director Kelly Yvonne envisioned an extreme contrast in this pole dance experience and modeled it after Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film, Eyes Wide Shut. She carefully selected each Dancer and rehearsed one-on-one to prepare each unique, vice-inspired narrative for the stage. Today, this mysterious masquerade continues to blur the line between shock and seduction through exotic displays of Pole Dance.

SEVEN was in residency at Supperclub Los Angeles from 2013 through 2017, relocating briefly to Dragonfly Hollywood later that same year. The production has resided at the Santa Monica Womens’ Bay Club since 2018.


To create atmosphere, a sexy cast of Dancers begin to appear providing Guests with tactile pleasure. The SEVEN Kittens won’t say a word, but they will show you how to settle into the experience. This exotic Pussy Posse is loves to play, so Cat Lovers should be sure reserve seats in the front row!