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Dancer Audition: Fri, Nov 1st

The Choreography House is the first Pole Dance Studio to implement a comprehensive Scholarship Program to develop Athletes, Performers and Instructors. This 6-month Program is designed to take Dancers to the next level by providing individual curated training curriculums and collective training experiences. Developed by Studio Director Kelly Yvonne, Graduates of this Program bridge the gap between pole dance as a Hobby and pole dance as a Career through exposure to the best talent in the industry.

scholarship student of the year


Congratulations Nichole for being awarded the 2019 TCH Scholarship Student of the Year! This year’s Prize Package includes: 

  • Level One Instructor/Choreographer Certification through CoHo University
  • A 6-month paid teaching contract at The Choreography House in 2020

CLASS OF 2014: Scholarship Dancers Onyx and Kate Bera


The Choreography House Scholarship Program was founded in 2012 to develop high-level Pole Dancers, Performers and Instructors. This 6-month Pole Dance Training Program begins in January each year and selected dancers will train in pole dance, technique, choreography, strength training and flexibility for a Monthly Tuition Fee. Scholarship Students will also work closely with Studio Director Kelly Yvonne and the Studio Faculty to develop skills for live performances. The program culminates with a final project in the major area of study in June.

CLASS OF 2015: AnnaKiaPoles, Shannen, Debbie, BooBooBrian, Lori and Wendy


The Choreography House Scholarship Program provides a solid, pole dance foundation which allows Graduates to explore a variety of career paths in pole. Graduates have been recruited to teach at Pole Studios around the globe including Body and Pole (New York), Be Spun (Los Angeles), Pole Dance Academy (Sydney) and Cleo’s Rock N Pole Fitness (On-line). Graduates have become Featured Instructors and Performers at the International Pole Convention and Pole Expo. In addition, many Graduates take the stage after Graduation and begin competing in National and International contests including Pole Art, Pole Theater, Pole Sport Organization (PSO), Dance Filthy and many more!

TCH Scholarship Program Dancers also receive exposure to the Commercial Dance Industry through Studio Director and Pole Choreographer Kelly Yvonne. Graduates have assisted her on various projects including Pole Dance Auditions, Music Videos shoots, TV and Film appearancesConcert and Live Show performances and Creative Concept Installations. She has invited Graduates on International Workshop Tours and she has performed with Graduates on Stages around The World.

Kelly Yvonne and 2014 Graduate Onyx performing with recording artist MYA in Australia (Not Pictured: 2012 Graduate Kirstyn)


Each Scholarship Dancer receives a unique, curated training experience. The Studio Director meets with Dancers to discuss short/long term pole goals at the beginning of Program. Each Dancer then receives a custom training curriculum including classes in Pole Dance, Strength Training, Stretch & Flexibility, Dance Choreography and much more!

2013 Scholarship Recipients: Carli Jo and Tehera

CLASS OF 2013: Scholarship Dancers CJ and Tehera


The Choreography House recognizes that Scholarship Dancers have a range of day-time occupations and a delicate balance must be reached to commit to this program. As a result, three Training Tracks options are available to accommodate a variety of schedules. In addition, three Program Tuition options are available to accommodate a variety of budgets.

  • PERFORMANCE TRACK Approximately 15 hours per month
  • PROFESSIONAL TRACK Approximately 25 hours per month
  • CHAMPIONSHIP TRACK Approximately 35 hours per month

CLASS OF 2016: Pow, Jimmy, Nina (Not Pictured Meggan, Itamar and Aijiro)


Beginning in 2015, one Dancer was awarded Scholarship Student of the Year for outstanding performance and training excellence during the program. This Dancer was selected for going above and beyond the minimum requirements to be of service to the studio, to the program and to the community of Dancers at TCH. To align better with the values and mission of the studio, Scholarship Student of the Year will no longer be included in the program and the final award will be presented to the Class of 2019. 

CLASS OF 2012: Scholarship Dancers Pamela and Kirstyn


  1. Take class at The Choreography House to become acquainted with our teaching style and dance culture. SPOILER ALERT: “In your own words, describe the TCH culture” will be one of the Interview Questions.
  2. Rehearse regularly and record your rehearsals. When you review the performance, identify what you like and what could be improved. Make the necessary changes and repeat. Consider asking others for their input as well!
  3. Schedule a 60m private lesson with a TCH Instructor and/or recent Scholarship Graduate for additional feedback. To coordinate a session for the November 1st Audition, send your request to on or before October 16, 2019.

CLASS OF 2017: Michelle, Andrew, Angela, Tina and Loryn


Friday, NOVEMBER 1st AT 8:00P

PART ONE: Prepare a 2-minute performance demonstrating your unique dance style. No prior pole or dance experience required! 

PART TWO: Immediately following the dance audition, candidates will be interviewed by the Studio Director. Don’t forget your resume!

What To Bring

  • Current Picture (or Headshot)
  • Professional Resume
  • Audition Performance Music on Phone, iPad or Tablet

CLASS OF 2018: Debbie, Nien, Jodi, Vanessa, Amy and Stephanie (Not Pictured: Natasha and Katherine)

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