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The Choreography House is the first Pole Dance Studio to implement a comprehensive Scholarship Program to develop Athletes, Performers and Instructors. This 6-month Membership is designed to take Dancers to the next level by providing individual curated training curriculums and collective training experiences. Developed by Studio Director Kelly Yvonne, Graduates of this Program bridge the gap between pole dance as a Hobby and Pole Dance as a Career through exposure to the best talent in the industry.

The Scholarship Program was created by Studio Director Kelly Yvonne, inspired by her work training performers for live stage, music videos, competitions and showcases. Ms. Yvonne is also the Lead Instructor and works closely with each Scholarship Class. The Program is now available online and features three training options: Independent Study, Hybrid Training and Full Immersion.

CLASS OF 2015: AnnaKia, Shannen, Debbie, Brian Wolf, Lori and Wendy


The Choreography House Scholarship Program was founded in 2011 to develop high-level Pole Dancers, Performers and Instructors. This 6-month Pole Dance Training Program features instruction in pole dance, technique, choreography, strength training and flexibility for a Monthly Tuition Fee. Each Dancer receives a custom Training Curriculum and a monthly Creative Assignment to fully integrate the content of each course. Dancers complete each level of this program with a final project and may select their preferred area of focus.


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Dancers may register online during any Open Enrollment period for a 6-month Scholarship Program cycle. The Choreography House no longer requires Dancers to audition prior to joining the program and there are no pre-requisites. To participate, Dancers must have consistent access to a pole, internet connection and any other personal workout equipment, such as a mat, yoga blocks, pole grip, etc.



Train at your own pace at any time, from any location! The 6-month online Independent Study program is perfect for Dancers that reside in other time zones or have busy schedules. This Membership Level starts at $125.00 (USD) per month.

Next CYCLE begins: MAR 15, 2021


Connect with your Scholarship Class through this unique option! The 6-month online Hybrid Training program meets weekly and once monthly, in addition to independent training. This Membership Level starts at $200.00 (USD) per month.

Next CYCLE begins: MAR 15, 2021


The 6-month online Full Immersion program provides Dancers with one-on-one instruction! Training includes Private Lessons as well as Group Classes and Independent Study. This Membership Level starts at $275.00 (USD) per month.

Next CYCLE begins: MAR 15, 2021

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The Scholarship Program provides a solid, 6-month foundation in pole dance that allows TCH Scholarship Dancers to explore a variety of career paths post-graduation. Listed below are career highlights from recent TCH Graduates.


TCH Graduates have been recruited to teach at Pole Studios around the globe including Body and Pole (New York), Be Spun (Los Angeles), Pole Dance Academy (Sydney) and Cleo’s Rock N Pole Fitness (On-line Instruction). TCH Graduates have been Featured Instructors and Performers at the International Pole Convention and Pole Expo. In addition, many TCH Graduates take the stage post-grad and compete in National and International contests including Pole Art, Pole Theater, Pole Sport Organization (PSO), Dance Filthy and many more!


Program Dancers receive Commercial Exposure and Performance Opportunities through Studio Director Kelly Yvonne’s talent as a Pole Choreographer. In 2015 TCH Graduates traveled to Australia to perform with her alongside Grammy-award winning artist MYA. Recent TCH Graduates have accompanied Ms. Yvonne on National and International Workshop Tours through Chicago (US), Dallas (US), Europe, Mexico, Australia and Africa. Ms. Yvonne often selects TCH Graduates to assist her on various projects including Pole Dance Auditions, Music Videos shoots, TV and Film appearances, Concert and Live Show performances and Creative Concept Installations.

Class of 2014 Graduate Onyx performing with Kelly Yvonne and Grammy-award winning artist MYA in Australia (Not Pictured: 2012 Graduate Kirstyn)