Prices and Services



Class Packages are valid for all Weekly Classes and Open Pole Sessions at The Choreography House! Class Packages expire one month from first visit under package. Class Packages are not valid for Workshops, Private Lessons or Merchandise.

Weekly Classes are instructor-led and limited to 2 dancers per pole. Open Pole Sessions provide dancers with pole practice time. Open Pole is limited to one person per pole per reservation and do not have an instructor present.


The Choreography House is available for rent 24 hours per day for pole dance rehearsal or private group training sessions. For rental inquiries, please provide a minimum of 48-hours advance notice. Contact the studio directly at 818.854.0922 or

Studio A – Four 18′ Poles 

Private Rental: $80 per hour

TCH_Insta Squares_Margarita


Private Lessons provide one-on-one pole dance instruction for a live show, competition or championship! Dancers may select an emphasis on pole tricks, pole transitions, floor work and/or pole choreography. Each reservation includes One Instructor and Two Poles. Session includes warm-up, strength and flexibility exercises and private training with spotting and demonstrations. Contact the studio directly at 818.854.0922 or to schedule a session.

Drop-In Private Training Session – $100/hour

Four Private Training Sessions – $360/hour ($90/session)

Eight Private Training Sessions – $600/hour ($75/session)

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8 thoughts on “Prices and Services

  1. Hello,

    Im interested in your beginner pole dancing class, is the rate $180 , for 18 classes? How can i go about tryimg a class?

    Thank you.debra

  2. Hi. How and/or where to I register for “Resident Deluxe Package: Unlimited Classes and 6 Hours of Open Pole – $200”? (It doesn’t show on the mindbody online options of payment)

    What does ‘Resident’ mean?

    Thank you!

  3. Hello,

    I would love to train with you but I live in New York. Do you have any instructors here or an intensive package if I were to travel there. I am intermediate level and want performance training


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