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Kelly Yvonne is one of the leading choreographers in the pole dance community and an Instructor at The Choreography House. Each week she will provide a tip to help improve your dancing. To find out more, subscribe to her blog and facebook page!


Technique Tip of the Week: POINT YOUR TOES!

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is “How do I improve my toe point?” There are a number of stretches that will help, but the stretch exercises must be combined with strength training as well! Ultimately, just like in pole, your feet need to be strong AND flexible to improve your point!

Exercise: TENDU
I believe that ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance! It’s like alphabet of movement; if you don’t know your ABC’s, then it will be very difficult to spell a word or write a sentence. As a result, I recommend incorporating the tendu, a basic ballet technique, into your exercise regime to strengthen your feet, which will ultimately improve your toe point!


Here is a video with an EXCELLENT explanation and demonstration of this technique:

“Ballet for Pole Dancers” is one of the first classes I created as part of THE METHOD at The Choreography House. Variations of exercise are incorporated throughout the class in order to develop strong feet for beautiful toe points, dancer safety and gorgeous lines!

Start working on your tendus and never hear the comment “Point Your Toes” again!!!


Margarit Davtian – The Choreography House Resident and Girl Next Door – a pole dance soirée Cast Member


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