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Vertical Barre consists of ballet-inspired progressions to improve lines for Pole Dance. Train at a preferred pace and master the movement through repetition and muscle memory. Dancers are encouraged to incorporate Vertical Barre into weekly rehearsals as the development of these muscles also improves overall body control and alignment. Use video or photo to document your weekly progress!

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  • Begin Vertical Barre after completing Warm Up Routine
  • Layer Warm Up workout clothing. Remove layers as necessary.
  • Perform exercises on both sides of the body, where applicable
  • Drink water before, during and after Abs and Ass Training session
  • Listen to your body! Train at a preferred pace.


What equipment do I need for this Lesson?

You will need a sturdy, vertical object for balance. A pole works well, as does a horizontal ballet barre. Also consider back of couch, door jam or countertop.