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A Series of Lateral Tricks and Transitions on Static Pole

Pole Technique focuses on Tricks and Transitions on and around the pole. Included is a training curriculum that outlines a four-week progression through this Lesson. Dancers should train at a preferred pace and master the movement through repetition and muscle memory. Pole Technique contains the Tricks and Transitions included in the subsequent Pole Choreography Lessons.


  • Begin Pole Technique training after completing a 20 minute Full-Body Warm Up, Vertical Barre exercises and Strength Training progressions
  • Create a Pole Technique Playlist(s) of your favorite songs. Consider making a few options to add variety to your rehearsals!
  • Wear comfortable workout wear appropriate and suitable for Pole Dance
  • Train all Pole Technique exercises on both sides of the body
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after each Pole Technique training session
  • Listen to your body! Take rehearsal breaks as necessary.


What equipment do I need for this Lesson?

You will need a pole for the Pole Technique Lesson