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Professional Track Dancers may submit a final Thesis Assignment to receive a Pole Technique: Level 2B Certificate of Completion from CoHo University. Thesis Assignment Submissions are evaluated by a CoHo University Staff Member and feedback is provided until the course is completed!


PART ONE: Pole CombinationS
  1. POLE COMBINATIONS Create two unique Pole Combinations by combining a minimum of four (4) Tricks and/or Transitions from this Course’s Pole Technique Lesson. Create one Pole Combination for Spin Pole and one Pole Combination for Static Pole.
  2. DANCER DEMONSTRATION Record yourself demonstrating your Static and Spin Pole Combinations (no music required)
  3. VIDEO SUBMISSION Upload your video onto YouTube with an “Unlisted” setting
PART TWO: Pole Performance
  1. POLE PERFORMANCE Create a 2-minute Pole Performance using the Static and Spin Pole Combinations from Part One. Dancers may select Spin Pole, Static Pole or both.
  2. SONG SELECTION Rehearse to variety of songs before selecting a performance song to accompany your choreography. Consider a variety of tempos, genres and sounds.
  3. VIDEO SUBMISSION Upload your video onto YouTube with an “Unlisted” setting
  1. Submit the unlisted videos links from Part One and Part Two to CoHo University – CONTACT FORM
  2. Select Pole Technique from the list of CoHo U Departments
  3. The CoHo University Staff will evaluate your video submissions and respond with feedback
  4. Upon completion of the Thesis Assignment, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for this Course!


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