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+++MINI-COURSE: Pole Choreography Level 101A – Part Two

A Presentation of Part Two with Counts and Demonstrations

Introduction to Pole Choreography: Part Two contains the second half of an all-level, lateral dance sequence. These Instructor-led tutorials present the movement to Counts from the front (DEVANT) and from the back (DERRIÉRE). In the final two demonstrations the Instructor performs the choreography to a slow song (ADAGIO) and a fast song (ALLÉGRO).


Part Two contains the following Pole Technique skills:

  • Forearm Fan Kick
  • Pole Back Roll
  • Pole Slide


  • Begin Pole Choreography: Part Two training after completing a 20 minute Full-Body Warm Up, Vertical Barre exercises, Strength Training progressions, Pole Technique drills and Pole Combinations sequences
  • Create a Pole Choreography Playlist(s) of your favorite songs. Consider making a few options to add variety to your rehearsals!
  • Wear comfortable workout wear appropriate and suitable for Pole Dance
  • Begin learning the Pole Choreography from the back (DERRIÉRE) before proceeding to the front (DEVANT)
  • Train Pole Choreography on both sides of the body
  • For best results, Perform, Record, Review and Repeat
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after each Pole Choreography training session
  • Listen to your body! Take rehearsal breaks as necessary.


What equipment do I need for this Lesson?

You will need a pole for the INTRODUCTION TO POLE CHOREOGRAPHY: Part Two Lesson