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Monthly Creative Assignment

Due Monday, February 15th on or before 11:59p (PST)

  1. SELECT 3-5 MIN SONG Choose from a variety of styles and genres
  2. POLE COMBINATIONS Create two Pole Combinations by connecting Pole Tricks from the Creative Poleography Categories. Be sure include a minimum of one move per category.
      • Strength
      • Control
      • Flexibility
      • Unique Shape
  3. POLE CHOREOGRAPHY Rehearse the full Pole Choreography sequence
  4. LINEAR SEQUENCING Stack the order of your choreography as follows:
      • Pole Combination #1 + Pole Choreography + Pole Combination #2
  5. REHEARSE AND REPEAT Train the complete Linear Sequence to your performance song until memorized
  6. PREPARE TO DANCE Set up your camera to document your performance


Due February 15, 2020 on or before 11:59p (PST)