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Exercises to create a Full Routine on Static Pole

Creative Poleography combines the content from previous Lessons to create, train and master longer Pole Dance sequences.  Included is a training curriculum that outlines a four-week progression through this Lesson and concludes with a Full Routine on Static Pole. This Lesson also contains demonstrations of the combined Pole Choreography: Part One and Part Two to a slow song (ADAGIO) and to a fast song (ALLÉGRO).


Create unique Pole Sequences by combining the Course 1A Pole Combinations with the Course 1A Pole Choreography Routines. The creative possibilities are endless!

  • Pole Choreography + Pole Combination
  • Pole Combination + Pole Choreography
  • Pole Combination + Pole Choreography + Pole Combination
  • Pole Choreography + Pole Combination + Pole Choreography
  • Pole Combination+ Pole Choreography + Pole Combination + Pole Choreography
  • Create your own unique order!

Use content created in Exercise #1 for Exercise #2. To complete the Full Routine, also consider the following:

    • SONG SELECTION Rehearse to variety of songs before selecting a performance song to accompany your choreography. Consider a variety of tempos, genres and sounds.
    • ENTRANCE/EXIT Where do you begin and end the choreography? Consider all areas of the Performance Stage, including on/off the pole, on/off the stage, up stage, down stage, stage left, stage right and/or center stage.
    • ORDER OF MOVEMENT Which order will you place the movement for the routine? For additional material, review all sequences created in Creative Poleography: Exercise #1.
    • TEMPOS AND TIMING Consider both the Allégro and the Adagio. Be sure to speed up and slow down as necessary to translate each song into movement.
    • QUALITY & QUANTITY Quality is a focus on the best execution of the movement, whereas Quantity focuses on the number of tricks in a routine. Take time to find the appropriate balance between Quality and Quantity in the choreography for the best demonstration of your dance ability. 
    • REVIEW AND REFLECTION Ask others for feedback if you need help creatively. “Perform, Record, Review and Repeat” to self-evaluate your own movement.

  • Begin Creative Poleography training with a 20 minute Full-Body Warm Up (minimum). For more information, see Warm Up Routine
  • Create a Playlist(s) of your favorite unique Pole Dance songs. Consider a variety of genres, styles and tempos.
  • For best results, Perform, Record, Review and Repeat
  • Allow ample time to create the Full Routine and train at your preferred pace. NOTE: Training Curriculum is listed in “sessions” as opposed to “weeks”.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after each Creative Poleography training session
  • Listen to your body! Take rehearsal breaks as necessary.


What equipment do I need for this Lesson?

You will need a pole, Phone/iPad/Recording Device and pen/paper (optional) for the Creative Poleography Lesson