2015 PARAGON: Competitor Registration

03-14_paragon_logos_v1October 15, 2015 | Australia




Championship (Female and Male)

Solo candidates with National or International Titles should apply for the Championship Division; all others should apply for the Amateur Division. 


There are no title restrictions for the Doubles Division.

Masters (45 years+)

Contestants 45 years or older by May 1, 2015 should submit for the Masters Division. There are no title restrictions for the Masters Division. 

Amateur (Female and Male)

Solo candidates without National or International Titles should apply for the Amateur Division.

2014 Int Ama Cover

2014 International Amateur Champion: Tara Meyer (CANADA)



Contestant Submission Entry Fee $25 (USD)

NEW: Video Submission Deadline – June 1, 2015

Eventbrite - PARAGON 2015: Competitor Registration

A submission video and a $40 (USD) non-refundable entry fee are required for competitor consideration. Please submit video link to kellyyvonneproductions@gmail.com with “PARAGON: Competitor Submission” in the subject line on or before 11:59p (PST) on June 1, 2015. Please see Submission Video Guidelines below for additional information.

Selected competitors will be announced on or before July 1, 2015 (PST)

2014 Doubles Cover_horiz

2014 National Doubles Champions: Janell Burgess and Kate Bera



Upload an unedited rehearsal or performance video (recorded on August 1, 2014 or sooner) onto YouTube. Submission videos must be no longer than 2 minutes in duration. For submission videos exceeding 2 minutes, only the first two minutes will be evaluated. 

Be sure to include the following title and description: 


Your Name: 2015 Paragon Submission Video


List Division (Amateur, Championship, Doubles, Masters)

List Current Country of Residence (i.e. Switzerland)


The PARAGON judges are looking for performers with a balanced, dynamic routine. In your choreography, be sure to include a mix of physical agility, artistic integrity and conceptual intention. Submission video performances will also be evaluated on the following components:

  • Pole Dance: Difficulty Level, Variety of Tricks and Dynamic Movement on Static and Spin Pole
  • Choreography: Composition, Transitions, Dance Variety, Continuity and Intentional Use of Props (where applicable)
  • Musicality: Effective Musical Interpretation and Appropriate Song Selection
  • Execution: Technique, Form, Control/Placement, Intention, Timing/Rhythm and Lines (Synchronization for Doubles Only)
  • Showmanship: Facial Expressions, Projection, Eye Contact and Confidence
  • Concept: Demonstration of clear concept and/or articulated storyline
2014 Female Cover

2014 International Female Champion: Yukari Cooperstock (JAPAN)


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