Girl Next Door - A Pole Dance Soirée • Sat Oct 26 at 7:00p RESERVATIONS

Competition Preparation Workshops

TCH_Insta Squares_Margarita

This 4-week workshop series will focus on the pole dance technique necessary to create a dynamic competition routine! Dancers will learn custom, competition-level pole dance tricks transitions for spinning and static pole. Dancers will also learn lateral pole movement, floor transitions and staging as well as receive assistance with competition rules, regulations and deadlines.

Workshop limited to 4 students.


Sundays 2:30p-4:30p

Level 1: Pole Dance Beginner Level II Equivalent

Level 2: Pole Dance Intermediate Level I and II Equivalent

Sundays 4:45p-6:45p

Level 3: Pole Dance Intermediate Level I and II Equivalent

Level 4+: Pole Dance Intermediate Level II-Pre-Professional Equivalent

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