The Scholarship Program Silent Auction LIVE 09/15-09/21CHECK IT OUT!



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The Choreography House will award Scholarships to qualified, need-based Dancers for the upcoming cycle of the Program. Support is determined by Candidate’s current circumstance, such as being a single parent, a full-time student, a part-time employed, etc. The proceeds from The Scholarship Program Silent Auction will fund these awards and provide additional support to our members.

The Silent Auction contains discounted poles, equipment, dance apparel and supplies. Most items are gently used or have been donated by Members of our Pole Community. All new and used items were quarantined for 3 weeks prior to a thorough cleaning and remain in quarantine until the end of the auction. Maintaining the health of our Studio and its Members is the highest priority!


You can also support this Silent Auction through a monetary donation. Each donation will be awarded directly to a Scholarship Dancer during this upcoming training cycle. All donors names will be displayed on the TCH Website at the conclusion of this auction.

The Choreography House will MATCH all donations as a demonstration of our commitment our Community

Platinum Unicorns: $300+
Awards One Scholarship Dancer $50-$100 off Six (6) months Tuition

Gold Unicorns: $150+
Awards One Scholarship Dancer $50-$100 off Three (3) months Tuition

Silver Unicorns: $100+
Awards One Scholarship Dancer $50-$100 off Two (2) months Tuition

Bronze Unicorns: $50+
Awards One Scholarship Dancer $50-$100 off One (1) month Tuition


The Choreography House is accepting Scholarship Award Candidate Applications through October 15, 2020


While we are unable to meet in person, we appreciate your support-from-a-distance during this unique time in history. We also look forward to training with you virtually and hope to help get you set up at home. We send you Love & Light and appreciate your continued support of The Choreography House.

Thank you for checking out our Silent Auction!