Competing? Our Choreography Team can help!

Are you preparing for an upcoming competition or performance? We can help!


The Choreography House has an in-house team of choreographers trained by award-winning choreographer, Kelly Yvonne. Drawing influences from her work training a variety of pole athletes and performers, Kelly Yvonne developed a curriculum she calls THE METHOD and she implemented it exclusively at The Choreography House.  This approach was designed to prepare dancers for the stage and it covers such topics as Concept Development, Musicality, Ballet Technique, Contemporary Jazz, Pacing, Tricks/Transitions, Choreography and much more!

For more about THE METHOD, click here


Members of THE METHOD Choreography Team have performed, competed and/or choreographed for competitions around the global! Their collective credits include: United State Pole Dance Federation (New York), International Pole Dance and Fitness Association (Hong Kong), Pole Art (Sweden), Pole Sport Organization (Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas), California Pole Dance Championships (Los Angeles), National Aerial Pole Art (Las Vegas, Los Angeles), The Great Midwest Pole Dance Championships (Chicago) and many more!


THE METHOD Choreography Team is available NOW for private bookings. We will take you through the step-by-step process of preparing for your performance. The sessions range from $50-$150/hr. For a free consultation, contact us 818.854.0922 or



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